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Vaccination Policy

Children’s Hospital PALS/PEARS/CPR group of instructors are committed to providing a safe environment for our students, employees, our customers and members of the public with whom we interact regularly. The purpose of the Vaccination Policy (the “Policy”) is to provide guidelines pertaining to the expectations and requirements of our instructors and students with respect to COVID-19 and vaccination.


In our day-to-day site operations, we have a responsibility to protect all workers and the community in which we operate, and it is for this reason that it is critical that the Children’s Hospital PALS/PEARS/CPR group of instructors and its students take any and all precautions to protect against COVID-19.


This Policy applies to all employees, instructors, students or auditors contracted to provide service in any capacity to the Children’s Hospital PALS/PEARS/CPR group of instructors or courses.


A. Mandatory Vaccination

It is the policy position of the Children’s Hospital PALS/PEARS/CPR Program to insist all instructors are vaccinated against COVID-19, as recommended by the Ministry of Health and Provincial Health Officer.

All Children’s Hospital PALS/PEARS/CPR instructors are vaccinated and can if needed provide, in writing, confirmation of their vaccination status. It is understood that the LHSC Community of physicians, residents, clinical and allied staff are all vaccinated.  As Ambassadors of the Heart and Stroke Association of Canada, we will all be fully vaccinated as per the guidance of the Ministry of Health. 

Where a vaccine has been made available either in their home community or at the workplace, and where an individual chooses not to be vaccinated, the individual will be required to disclose in writing to Children’s Hospital PALS/PEARS/CPR course coordinator the reason for not being vaccinated (e.g., personal choice, religious, medical grounds, etc.). The only acceptable reason for a person not to be vaccinated for our courses is medical reasons as documented by a medical doctor.  If the person is not immunized for medical reasons this information will be disclosed to all course participants.

B. Accommodations

Where an individual provides a valid medical reason for having not received a COVID-19 vaccination, the Children’s Hospital PALS/PEARS/CPR course coordinator will work with the individual to develop and implement an appropriate accommodation.

C. Non-Compliance

Anyone failing to follow this policy will not be permitted to participate in any of Children’s Hospital PALS/PEARS/CPR programs.


We understand that all instructors, physicians, residents, clinical and allied staff are all vaccinated for COVID-19.  We offer no expectation of confidentiality, quite the opposite, any unimmunized person will have their vaccination status disclosed to all instructors and participants of the course.


Please contact Children’s Hospital PALS/PEARS/CPR course coordinator with any questions.

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