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Paediatric Insider -
CME Journal

Continuing Medical Education in the twenty-first century is mandated to be accountable in facilitating high quality scientific knowledge, increasing access to information, improving educational techniques, and demonstrating physician practice improvement. 

The Paediatric Insider is our CME journal that highlights all our educational achievements in the field of medicine every year, including: Our annual report, all educational activities, its international impact, and informative articles from our faculty and staff.

Click the links below to download this journal. These files are in .pdf format.

Paediatric Insider - CME Journals:

Paediatric Insider - 2021-2022 

Paediatric Insider -  2019-2020

Paediatric Insider - 2018

Paediatric Insider - 2017 

Paediatric Insider - 2015-2016

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